Following the launch of Emles, Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel Hammond, sat down with Julie Segal of Institutional Investor to discuss his plans for Emles.

“Industry veterans Gabriel Hammond and Dave Saxena are getting back into the asset management business — this time betting they’ll be able to compete with larger firms by providing access to new and non-traditional investments,” wrote Segal.

“[Dave] Saxena and I have a history of sourcing and creating new asset classes that most investors couldn’t previously access. While Alerian and SteelPath were focused solely on one sector, the new firm will offer a broad range of products in equities, fixed income, and private markets,” said Hammond.

Emles kicked-off the launch of the firm by rolling out four new ETFs: Emles Made in America ETF (AMER), Emles @Home ETF (LIV), Emles Federal Contractors ETF (FEDX) and Emles Real Estate Credit ETF (REC).

When asked about the timing of the launch, being that it’s the middle of a global pandemic, Hammond laughed. “It wasn’t part of the plan,” he told Julie, adding that overseeing Alerian through the global financial crisis ultimately led to a lot of innovation.

“The firm is exploring the ins and outs of offering public and private funds that could include everything from digital assets to esoteric, cash-generating private equity. It is already having conversations with regulatory officials about putting private assets, including alternative credit, into ETFs,” wrote Segal.

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