Emles' portfolio manager, Yev Shelkovskiy, was recently interviewed by Beverly Chandler of ETF Express.  The two discussed the shift of retail spending towards luxury goods and the recent uptick in demand.

When asked how the luxury goods market fared during the pandemic, Yev responded:

“Luxury performance has been relatively strong during the pandemic.  People like to put it in their discretionary bucket but fear that a downturn in spending will see luxury plummet.  That is not necessarily the case - the consumer base for luxury goods is different from other discretionary goods, with customer loyalty and stickiness to luxury brands.” 

Investors can tap into the brand loyalty of luxury consumers and participate in the growth of premium brand consumption with the Emles Luxury Goods ETF (LUXE). LUXE is a broadly diversified portfolio that invests across global luxury categories, including accessories, alcoholic beverages, apparel, athleisure, beauty, home goods, jewelry, vehicles and other products.

Check out the full article, "Luxury in high demand in post pandemic world," on ETF Express.

Full performance and holdings information for the Emles Luxury Good ETF can be found here.

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