Emles' CEO and Founder, Gabriel Hammond, was recently interviewed in an episode of the Mega Brands podcast run by equity fund manager, Eric Clark of the Rational Dynamic Brands Fund, HSUTX. The two discussed the opportunities of investing in the global consumption theme broadly, as well as the significant opportunities they see in the luxury goods category.

Clark, a big believer in the investment power of brands, asked what exactly drew Emles' intrigue to the luxury goods category, Hammond responded:

"There's a certain inelasticity to these goods purchases, because a lot of the folks that are buying these categories have a base level of income that allows them to reach for luxury goods. That creates an inelasticity of demand that is unique to this category."

Investors can tap into the brand loyalty of luxury consumers and participate in the growth of premium brand consumption with the Emles Luxury Goods ETF (LUXE). LUXE is a broadly diversified portfolio that invests across global luxury categories, including accessories, alcoholic beverages, apparel, athleisure, beauty, home goods, jewelry, vehicles and other products. In combination with other funds focused on retail brands - such as Clark's fund, HSUTX - LUXE can provide investors with diversification across the consumer sector.

Check out the full podcast episode by clicking on the image below.

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