Emles' CEO and Founder, Gabriel Hammond, recently joined Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq's TradeTalks. In a rapid fire discussion, Gabriel and Jill spoke about the impact of fiscal stimulus on the economy and the concern on many investors minds - inflation.

"There's two separate pieces, there’s the fiscal piece and the monetary piece - I’m more concerned about the latter. On the monetary policy side, we're seeing it continue to support assets classes that perhaps don’t deserve that support," said Hammond.

Additionally, Gabriel and Jill discussed long-term investment strategies to consider, as investors are challenged by a glut of undifferentiated and uncorrelated products.

"Where are you going to find return in a yield-starved environment with interest rates at zero? In between equities and bonds, there’s only so much differentiation you can get. That’s really the reason we put this firm together," said Hammond.

Check out the full video interview on Nasdaq: "#TradeTalks: Inflation, long-term asset classes and sectors, and investment strategies to consider."

Gabriel Hammond on Nasdaq TradeTalks

Tags: Inflation, Interest rates