Emles' CEO and Founder, Gabriel Hammond, joined YahooFinance earlier this week for their closing bell segment, with hosts Adam Shapiro and Seana Smith. During the segment, Hammond, Shapiro and Smith discussed the impact of the American Rescue Plan on stocks and the Emles Made in America ETF (AMER), amongst others.

When asked what Emles considers when developing products, including AMER, Hammond responded: 

“We start with a fundamental long-term view. A lot of ETFs are poised to capture shorter term trends and asset movements, but when I step back and think about what I want for my own portfolio, it’s really a function of making a call over the next decade.”

The Emles Made in America ETF (AMER) invests in businesses with headquarters and manufacturing footprints in the United States. It is designed to help investors gain significant exposure to companies that may stand to benefit from de-globalization and the growing importance of domestic manufacturing. Recently, the Buy American executive order and the American Rescue Plan - coupled with the strong short-term performance of particular stocks within the fund, such as Clorox - have supported the investment case for AMER, which prompted Smith to ask, "how much room is there left to run in some of these names?"

“Long before the Buy American Act, we’ve been looking at the types of companies that may benefit from geopolitical tensions and the return of supply chains to America,” responded Hammond. "Over the long-term, it’s about companies having domestic manufacturing capabilities and the fact that it may give them competitive advantages."

Another Emles ETF that may stand to capitalize on the Buy American program, particularly with the requirements for federal agencies to focus on U.S. contractors and the commitment for additional federal spending, is the Emles Federal Contractors ETF (FEDX)  FEDX invests in companies that have higher exposure to U.S.-based federal contracts and thereby may benefit from the predictable long-term revenue these contracts can provide.

“We do think that [federal contractor] spending will increase as an effort of the federal government trying to keep the economy afloat,” said Hammond.

Check out the full video interview below or on YahooFinance: How the Emles Made in America ETF is helping people invest in businesses with U.S. headquarters and manufacturing footprints.

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