In an in-depth discussion, Business Insider spoke to Emles’ Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel Hammond, and EOPS portfolio manager, Nathan Miller, about their approach to investing and their take on the meme-stock frenzy that has taken the world of trading by storm.

“Fellow Goldman Sachs alums Gabriel Hammond and Nathan Miller are constantly on the lookout for uncorrelated sources of return from their investments,” wrote Kari McMahon of Business Insider.

Which is why Emles launched the Emles' Alpha Opportunities ETF (EOPS). EOPS is an actively managed long/short strategy that combines deep value investing and catalyst trading.  Portfolio manager, Nathan Miller, has implemented the underlying fund strategy for hedge funds and family offices for over 20 years. 

"We like to buy stocks when they're cheap. Companies and sectors can go through periods where they're over earning, or frankly, sentiment is just too high and so you see that today, there are bubbles, in our opinion, all over the place," said Miller.

One of those bubbles is the meme-stock trade. As a contrarian investor, Miller warns investors of buying growth stocks that are untethered to valuations.

"I think we know how the movie ends," Miller said. "I may not know every chapter in the book, I would be very cautious on the meme stocks, and stocks in general that are unrelated to fundamentals."

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