In an in-depth discussion, Bloomberg spoke to Emles portfolio manager, Emanuel Zareh, about the flurry of work-from-home ETF launches seemingly spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic - including the Emles @Home ETF (LIV). Two points of note from the conversation: Emles believes this is a long-term, structural shift - and that it affects more than just working-from-home (WFH).

While most products in market focus specifically on WFH theme, LIV takes a broader, more holistic approach to capture what we call the home-based lifestyle.

“It’s not just work from home, it’s stay at home,” said Zareh.

Investors may consider pivoting to names that will not only benefit from people working remotely, but also spending more of their leisure time at home, too. The Emles @Home ETF (LIV) provides investors with convenient access to high-quality companies that stand to benefit from this shift to a more home-based lifestyle.

The ETF invests in companies across technology, entertainment, wellness and learning. “The Emles @Home ETF (LIV) still holds pandemic-era favorites such as Peloton, but it’s also buying stocks such as Domino’s Pizza and Lululemon,” reported Bloomberg. Zareh believes that the names held in the Emles @Home ETF (LIV) “are well positioned to benefit from increasing in-home activity.”

While certainly expedited by the pandemic, we believe there is a long term, structural shift taking place towards the at-home lifestyle - and while launched mid-pandemic, the Emles @Home ETF (LIV) was built with a five to 10-year outlook in mind.

“This isn’t a gimmick play. This is a trend that’s going to stay here and will be more pronounced for the next decade," responded Zareh.

Full performance and holdings information for the Emles @Home ETF can be found here. 

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